TikTok Famous Hit or Miss Challenge, How It Started!

Let me tell you about the fascinating story behind the TikTok trend known as “Hit or Miss” jellies.

In late 2019, a TikTok star named Jaden Sprinz stumbled upon a bag of oversized gummy fruit candies at a 99-cent store. These neon-packaged treats, called Fruity’s Ju-C Jello Bags, were unlike typical fruit candies. They were multi-colored gelatin encased in fruit-shaped plastic, designed to be opened and slurped out of the casing. Intrigued, Sprinz decided to film himself biting into these jellies to showcase his naturally elongated, vampire-like incisors.

The unexpected happened: the video went viral! Viewers were fascinated by the spectacle of Sprinz puncturing the jelly casing with his teeth. The resulting game, which he playfully dubbed “Hit or Miss,” became a sensation. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tension: Sprinz sets the stage by holding one of these giant jellies.
  2. Main Event: He bites into it, and the jelly casing either splatters the floor with goo or leaves him with a mouthful of mildly sweet fruit-flavored gelatin (similar to a large-format Gusher).
  3. Reaction: The video captures his genuine surprise and delight.

Each “Hit or Miss” video lasts around 60 seconds, making it a perfect fit for TikTok’s format. As more people caught on, copycat videos emerged, showcasing others biting into these jellies. The trend became a subset of the well-established genre of people eating weird foods for internet spectators.

Sprinz’s TikTok channel skyrocketed in popularity, amassing 4.9 million followers. The simple act of biting into these oversized jellies turned into an entertaining and suspenseful game, captivating viewers worldwide. It’s a delightful example of how unexpected moments can lead to internet fame, even with something as quirky as jelly candies! 🍬🎥

If you’re curious, you can watch some of these entertaining TikTok videos featuring the “Hit or Miss” jellies here1.

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